Building Plans 144th and Washington

Development Permit - PLDP20170015 - (Contact Jay Ruchti, 303-538-7249

1st Submittal - Application, Letter of Intent, Plans, Roadway Development Plans, Drainage Report, Traffic Impact Study, Utility Report, Authorization of Ownership, Letter of Good Faith

Grading and Erosion  - PLCD201700274 - (Contact Nate Hatleback, 303-538-7694)

1st Submittal (Date Received April 26, 2017) Due Date May 19, 2017 - Grading Permit Set, Detention Basin Design Workbook

Subdivision Plat - PLSUB201700218 - (Contact Jay Ruchti303-538-7249

1st Submittal - Application, Letter of Intent, Plat, Plat DWG, Title Commitment, Parcel Report 

Conceptual Site Plan - CSP 2017-002 PLL201708390 (Contact Jay Ruchti303-538-7249)

1st Submittal - Application, Letter of Intent, Conceptual Site PlanPreliminary Drainage Report, Preliminary Utility PlanTitle Commitments, Roadway Plan Set, Traffic Impact Study 

2nd Submittal (Date Received May 2, 2017) Due Date May 24, 2017 - Conceptual Site Plan, Drainage Report, Utility Report, Title Commitment 

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