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​​​​​​Below is information regarding lane closures and detours impacting the City of Thornton.

Quebec Street Closure

Quebec Street will be closed between 120th Avenue and Riverdale Road from 2/6/2018 through the end of August 2018. 

The detour route for northbound traffic is northeast on Riverdale Road to 128th Avenue, then west on 128th Avenue to Quebec Street; or southeast on Riverdale Road to 112th Avenue, west on 112th Avenue to Holly Street, north on Holly Street to 120th Avenue, then east on 120th Avenue to Quebec Street.

The detour route for southbound traffic is west on 120th Avenue to Holly Street, south on Holly Street to 112th Avenue, then east on 112th to Riverdale Road; or east on 120th Avenue to Brighton Road, south on Brighton Road to 104th Avenue, west on 104th Avenue to McKay Road, then north on McKay Road to Riverdale Road.

The closure is for reconstruction of Quebec Street between 120th Avenue and Riverdale Road as part of the Mayfield subdivision project on the southwest corner of 120th Avenue and Quebec Street.

119th Avenue Closure

119th Avenue will be closed between Holly Street and Jasmine Street from 6/20/2018 to 6/29/2018. Local access will be provided.

The detour route for eastbound 119th Avenue traffic is to go south on Holly Street to 117th Avenue, then east on 117th Avenue to Jasmine Street, and then go north on Jasmine Street.

The detour route for westbound 119th Avenue is to go south on Jasmine Street to 117th Avenue, and then west on 117th Avenue to Holly Street.

The closure is part of the Xcel Substation project. More information on construction updates and schedule for the Xcel Substation project can be found at To submit questions and provide feedback, call the project hotline at 844-551-6281 or email the project team at

Hoffman Way Closure

Hoffman Way between Dorothy Boulevard and Washington Street will be closed from 7/9/2018 to 8/3/2018. Access to Thornton Middle and Sierra Vista Apartments will be maintained.

The detour route for northbound Hoffman Way traffic is to go north on Hoffman Way to Dorothy Boulevard, then east on Dorothy Boulevard to Thornton Parkway, and then west on Thornton Parkway to Washington Street.

The detour route for southbound Washington Street traffic is to go south on Washington Street to Eppinger Boulevard, then east on Eppinger Boulevard to Hoffman Way.

The closure is due to work associated with the Nnew Thornton Water Treatment Plant Project.

York Street Closure

York Street between the westbound E-470 off-ramp and 156th Avenue will be closed from 7/16/2018 to 7/19/2018. Access to E-470 with be maintained from the south.

The detour route for northbound York Street traffic is to go west on 152nd Parkway to Washington Street, then north on Washington Street to SH 7, and then east on SH 7 to York Street.

The detour route for southbound York Street traffic is to go west on SH 7 to Washington Street, south on Washington Street to 152nd Parkway, then east on 152nd Parkway to York Street.

The closure is due to work associated with the guardrail repairs on the York Street bridge over Big Dry Creek.

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