​Severe Weather Information

Spring & Summer Severe Weather

Spring and summer in Colorado are beautiful seasons, when the flowers greet the sun with their colorful blooms and the grass and trees unfold their greenery. However, this time of year can also bring severe thunderstorms and flooding in a matter of minutes.  

​Winter Weather Preparedness

Winter can be a beautiful and active time in Colorado, summoning images of holiday lights against a white backdrop, kids sledding on snowy hillsides, and skiers and boarders carving down the slopes.

But it can also be dangerous and occasionally deadly. Hypothermia, avalanches, and auto accidents claim too many lives every year. And a blizzard can cause power outages that threaten us inside our own homes. For our disabled and homeless, the dangers posed by winter are even greater.

The key to meeting winter head-on is preparedness. When we're all prepared for the worst winter can throw at us, we're that much more able to enjoy the opportunities it provides. Take winter seriously -- check out and use the links below.