​Thornton Assistance Funds Committee

​The Thornton Assistance Funds Committee is an advisory committee that reviews the grant applications from nonprofit organizations that serve the basic needs of Thornton residents and promote self-sufficiency. The committee provides a recommendation to City Council on which applications to fund and the level of funding.  

Committee Duties

Committee Representatives

Each year Council appoints five to seven members to the committee. All members are residents of Thornton. One member is designated by the two Council members representing each Ward and one member is designated by the Mayor. In addition, there shall be one member with financial analysis experience and one member appointed with human services experience. The members with specific experience can serve as a Ward, Mayoral or an At-large representative.  Applicants will be notified in January if they have been appointed to the committee.

Time Commitments

The committee meets one evening a week in February, March, April and May from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and will meet with City Council to present their recommendation in May or June. In total, there will be three Tuesday night meetings with Council and the rest of the meetings will be held on Monday evenings to interview the nonprofit applicants. The meeting schedule is finalized in January once all of the applications have been submitted.  

Member Term

Each Thornton Assistance Funds Committee member serves for one year and must reapply each year he/she would like to serve on the committee. Applications are due December 21, 2018 to the City Clerk's Office. Interested candidates need to complete a Board and Commission Application. A link to the Board and Commission Application is located on the right hand side of this page.

Roles and Responsibilities

At the initial kick-off meeting, committee members will go through an orientation and receive a copy of all the applications and associated material. Members will meet with City Council to hear an overview of the grants received and learn about any additional direction from Council. After this initial meeting, the committee will meet Monday evenings to interview applicants. It is important that members attend all meetings as each agency is scored not only on the information in their application, but on their responses during the interview process. The committee will develop recommendations for funding and present it to Council. Council will formally adopt the final funding allocations at a Tuesday night City Council meeting.  


Committee members may not work for, volunteer for, serve on any board or benefit from any organization that is applying for funds.  


All materials and dinner on meeting nights are provided by the City. Former members state that they enjoy serving on the committee. They say that it gives them a greater understanding of the need in the community, the nonprofit organizations serving the area as well as a chance to contribute to the greater good. 


Please contact the Neighborhood Services staff at 303-538-7600 or neighbor@cityofthornton.net if you have any questions on the committee.