​Fire Hydrant Painting Project

This is a great activity for a group of neighbors, Boy Scout troops, or church groups!  The City provides paint, supplies and instructions to groups of five or more members who wish to paint a minimum of five hydrants in a Thornton neighborhood.  The groups select the day and time that they want to paint and will notify the residents living near the hydrants about the painting and when it will take place. Please notify City staff four weeks in advance of your preferred painting date, so staff can create a map of the hydrants and order enough paint for your event. Groups with youth under the age of 18 need to have adult chaperones present.

Preparing for Your Event

Supplies: Neighborhood Services will provide groups of five or more people drop cloths, masks, goggles, safety cones, and paint. The group will need schedule a time to pick these items up from Neighborhood Services. Empty paint cans and reusable supplies must be returned to Neighborhood Services within three days of the event. Also, Neighborhood Services will provide template letters that the group can leave with the residents that live near the hydrants that will be painted, so they know what to expect and any precautions they should take to prevent overspray of the paint.

Selecting a Location: Your group can select the fire hydrants that your group wants to paint or the City can provide a list of fire hydrants that have not been painted in the last three years.

Scheduling an Event: This is a popular event. You will need to contact Neighborhood Services at least four weeks prior to your event date to discuss the instructions, identify fire hydrants, collect disclaimer forms and schedule a time to pick up supplies. Events can take place any day of the week.  It takes approximately one hour for a small group to paint five hydrants. Many groups paint multiple hydrants.

Getting Started: Please call or email Neighborhood Services and complete a Neighborhood Project Registration Form for the group.  All team members must sign a disclaimer form prior to the event date. The registration form and the disclaimer form are found to the right.

Contact: 303-538-7600 or neighbor@cityofthornton.net

Painting Just the Hydrant in My Yard

Residents who only want to paint the fire hydrant in front of their home can do so with the specific color of paint selected by the Thornton Fire Department.  Since this will not be a neighborhood group project, you will need to purchase your own paint of the correct color.  Please contact Neighborhood Services for paint color information:  303-538-7600 or neighbor@cityofthornton.net