​​​​​Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) provides for cost-effective design and construction of capital projects. CIP includes projects that provide an enhancement to the quality of life for the citizens or results in the reduction of the cost for ongoing maintenance. The City maintains a five-year plan, which is updated annually. Projects include improvements to transportation, water, storm and sanitary sewer systems.

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Map of Projects

To select a CIP Project, click on one of the heading options below or download the full 2018 CIP Map (this is a large file and may take a few minutes to open depending on your connection speed).

84th Avenue and Grant Street Intersection Improvements
112th Avenue Widening - York Street to Colorado Boulevard
128th Avenue and Claude Court Widening
128th Avenue and Washington Street Intersection Improvements
128th Avenue Widening and Colorado Blvd Intersection Improvements
136th and 144th Avenue Bridge Maintenance
144th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard Intersection Improvements
144th Avenue and York Street Drainage Improvements
144th Avenue Widening
2015 FEMA Flood Repairs - Cooley West Reservoirs
2017 Burlington Diversion Improvements - Feasibility Study
2017 Trail Connections
2019 Zadel Pit Acquisition
Big Dry Creek Lift Station - Replacement
Claude Court Realignment
Clearwell No. 2 Painting and Repair
Concrete Replacement Program
Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) FasTracks Trails
Eastlake Station Area Improvements
Grange Hall Creek Masterplan
Hydrant Replacement Program
Lakeview Estates Drainage Improvements
Niver Creek Master Plan Update
Pipeline Rehabilitation Program
Sanitary Sewer Main and Manhole Rehabilitation
School Tributary Drainage at 88th Avenue
Shay Ditch Trail
Standley Lake Pipeline - Rehabilitation
Street Rehabilitation Program
Thornton Treatment Plant Replacement Project
Thornton Valley East - 88th Circle Drainage Improvements
Todd Creek Gravity Interceptor
Treated Water System Improvements
Washington Street Widening - Segment 5
West Sprat Reservoir Project
Valve Replacement Program