City of Thornton News Release Logo For Immediate Release:   8/15/2017
Contact: Environmental Services Manager
Adam Lovato, 720-977-6310

Thornton Environmental Services celebrate 1-year accident/injury free

THORNTON, CO… Thornton’s Environmental Services team is celebrating one year accident and injury free. “The pride we take in our services to the community includes vigorous safety efforts,” says Environmental Services Manager Adam Lovato. “Our idea of safety goes far beyond just internal wellness. We always think of the safety of our customers and the community too.”

The team accumulated approximately 275,000 miles of safe driving while under daily challenges such as poor weather, extreme traffic congestion, residential street obstacles, service pickup in tight areas, restrictive landfill/recycle center discharge, among other situations. “While on-the-job accidents and injuries have been few in the past, Thornton Environmental Services wanted to work toward zero incidents.” To achieve that goal, a safety campaign was started in 2015 that includes daily safety reminders in staff meetings, and monthly meetings that focus solely on safety. Team safety messages focus on a variety of topics, including safety around schools and in neighborhoods, winter driving, and awareness regarding personal injuries such as neck and back injuries. “We’ve always stressed safety quite a bit,” says Lovato. “Reaching this milestone illustrates the team’s unwavering commitment to safety, and honoring the community and citizens served.”

Thornton’s Environmental Services Division is responsible for curbside trash and recycle collection. For more information go to

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