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​Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

City Development Geographic Information Services (GIS) Division is responsible for the collection, research, development and maintenance of the City’s geographic data supporting City-wide goals, projects and programs to assist City staff in making informed decisions about our community.

The City’s GIS Support Team provides customer service and support throughout the organization by offering a centralized depository of geospatial information supporting GIS users at all levels, and by forming cooperative partnerships with City staff, citizens and other public and private agencies.

GIS Enterprise Contributors

GIS Services receives hardware/software and programming support from:

  • Information Technology (IT) who provides hardware, software and programming support.
  • The Infrastructure Maintenance Center (IMC) GIS Team manages the City’s utility infrastructure including water, sewer, storm sewer, transportation and environmental services.
  • Water Resources manages the City’s water resources/hydrograph data.

Geographic Resources

GIS Services maintains a variety of applications,  standard maps and GIS data files on the City’s website free of charge. Visit out Open Data page.

A Fee Schedule provides costs associated with the purchase of large format hardcopy prints. Note: We do not provide custom mapping services to the public. 

GIS Data Submission Standards

The City of Thornton requires developers, consultants and engineers to submit subdivisions, asbuilt drawings, and development plans in digital format for Planning and Parks and Open Space projects.  Geographic data submitted to the City must include geographic coordinates and standardized data types which can be uploaded into the City GIS.