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Thornton trash and recycle customers can use this service to get rid of clutter in the garage or basement, plan a do-it-yourself room remodel, clean up the yard or storage shed, get rid of recently replaced furniture or appliances, or for a rental property cleanup! Fees start at $65.  This service is available by appointment only. 

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Click & Haul FAQs

Can I schedule an appointment and have a neighbor put debris in the pile?

Yes, as long as it is a scheduled appointment with one specific account to bill. The Click & Haul fee cannot be split between accounts.

Are there additional disposal options available?

• Four Thornton free Landfill Days each year on specified dates.

What is the minimum fee?

The minimum fee is just $65 per collection for up to 6 cubic yards of stuff, which would fill approximately two standard pickup truck beds. The cost of service is placed on the next utility bill for payment.

Up to 2 pickup truck beds of junk or debris$65
Up to 3 – 4 pickup truck beds of junk or debris$109

Most loads incur the minimum fee of $65. Please email or call 720-977-6200 for pricing information on larger loads.

Are there additional fees for mattresses and/or boxsprings?

There may be an additional diversion fee for mattresses and/or boxsprings depending on the quantity.  Please see below:

Minimum fee with mattress/boxsprings:

Mattress/BoxspringTotal Fee
1 pickup truck bed of junk or debris+ 1- 2 pieces$65
No junk or debris+ 3 - 4  pieces$65
1 pickup truck bed of junk or debris+ 3 - 4 pieces$109

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