Proposed Lanes Image​I-25 North Express Lanes Project

In the fall of 2013, the Colorado Department of Transportation began a $60 million project on I-25 between US 36 and 120th Avenue. The I-25 North Express Lanes Project will utilize the existing infrastructure to expand the capacity of I-25 by adding an HOV/tolled Express Lane in each direction on the inside shoulder of the interstate.

The new HOV/tolled Express Lane will connect to the I-25 Express Lanes currently in place between downtown Denver and US 36. In addition, six miles of the existing lanes between US 36 and 120th Avenue -- which will remain general purpose lanes -- will be resurfaced. When the project is complete in late 2015, buses and carpools may use the new lanes free of charge while solo  drivers will be required to pay a toll. The toll rates have not yet been set, but the rates will vary depending on travel demand.

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)

CDOT is responsible for the highway system and bridges. This department takes care of plowing snow, removing graffiti and repairing pavement on the state highway system. 303-757-9011 |

I-25 North Express Lanes Project
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