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​Proudly serving the city of Thornton

​​​The Streets Division, is responsible for maintaining Thornton's streets and drainage systems, as well as for providing snow removal and street sweeping services. Of course, the primary goal is to minimize road hazards and ensure safe public transit. 

To obtain information on future street improvements, to report damaged concrete, to view this year's programs, if have questions about crack seal operations, or if you witness flooding, please contact the Streets Division. ​

​Street Repair

The Infrastructure Department provides repair services for Thornton streets. Such repairs may include potholes, crack sealing, street failures, and unimproved road grading. 

Areas that may be dangerous to pedestrians or vehicles should be reported to the Street Operations Division between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., business days. After hours, you will receive a pre-recorded message with general instructions and emergency information. A recorded message may be left for those situations not considered emergencies. 

Messages will be reviewed and acted upon by City personnel. Non emergency messages will be acted on the following business day. Persons reporting requests for services should provide their name, address, telephone number, location of requested repair, and as much detailed information as possible concerning the problem.

Please check out the cone zone webpage for information regarding lane closures and detours impacting the City of Thornton. 

Street Rehabilitation Program

The project includes rehabilitation of city streets as determined by the Pavement Management System and staff recommendations.  Rehabilitation includes asphalt overlays, crack seal, hot chip seals, street concrete replacement (curb, gutter, cross-pans), and accessible ramp replacement as required.  Both city crews and contractors participate in the Street Rehabilitation treatments and locations.  Project locations are shown on the map below.

Click here to view the 2018 Paving & Surface Treatments.

Concrete Replacement Program  

 City Council has approved a $140,000 a year budget for the purposes of replacing broken or damaged concrete within the city.  Locations are determined by the severity of damage as they relate to pedestrian hazards, structural damage, surface deterioration, and impact to drainage. Work generally begins in March, weather dependent, and can last several months. 

Crack Seal

Cracks can form in asphalt pavement through various modes of distress.  Regardless of how the cracks form, they must be repaired to help protect the pavement structure.  If the cracks are not maintained, they can ravel and increase in size.  Unsealed cracks allow water to penetrate into the structure from the pavement surface, which eventually causes potholes and further deterioration.  Water infiltration is the option to help protect integrity of the pavement.

Benefits of Crack Seal:

  • Prevents water from entering the pavement and sub base 
  • Prevents debris from entering the crack 
  • Prevents or delays pothole formation

Life expectancy of Crack Seal is approximately three to five years.

Storm Drainage Program  

The Storm Drainage program is designed to provide resources to maintain the storm drainage system, which protects the integrity of drainageways and streets in order to prevent hazards and storm water damage.

The Streets Division provides inspection, performs preventative maintenance services, and contracts minor capital improvements. Equipment operators, truck drivers, and laborers use excavators, backhoes, loaders, graders, dump trucks, and flushing equipment to perform a variety of maintenance activities. Activities include: ditch cleaning, pipe and vault cleaning, pipe replacement, drainage structure repairs, erosion control, and grate cleaning. 

Street Sweeping  

The Street Sweeping Program is performed by the Infrastructure Department. The levels of service provide for cleaning of major thoroughfares and collector streets four times annually. The Infrastructure Department will be performing residential street sweeping programs. Street sweeping will be conducted on an as needed basis and only then to address hazardous or health related conditions. Click here to view the Contractor Fall Sweep Map.

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