City of Thornton News Release Logo For Immediate Release:   8/31/2017
Contact: Communications Director
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Volunteers helping to uncover rare fossil find
Updated photos and video available to media at

THORNTON, CO… Scientists from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS) have teamed up with trained volunteers to uncover a fossil discovery in Thornton, and are finding more and more of the triceratops. “We were digging in an area where we kept finding bone fragments, then we found something bigger,” says volunteer and Thornton Fire Public Education Officer Sabrina Iacovetta. “We called over the DMNS scientist, who told us we found a part of the jaw, and a vertebrae. It was exciting, being a part of this excavation means I have an exciting story that I can tell for life.”

Construction crews working on Thornton’s new Public Safety Facility at 132nd Avenue and Quebec Street uncovered the fossil on August 25. The city of Thornton is providing security at the fossil site to ensure the items make it safely to its new home. The fossil site is not visible from the street, and because this is an active construction site, only museum personnel, city of Thornton crews and construction personnel are permitted on the site. Interviews may be facilitated upon request.

Updated media resources such as photos and video are available at

Volunteers and DMNS scientists working at the dinosaur discovery site in Thornton.
Photo courtesy: City of Thornton

volunteers helping uncover rare fossil find