city hall council chambers

​City Council​

​​​​​​​Thornton is a home rule city operating under the Council - Manager form of government. The city council consists of the Mayor, elected at large, and eight Council members, two elected from each of the city's four wards. 

Note: Please direct all invitations or requests for attendance to the City Manager’s Office to 303-538-7200 or​


​About City Council

The city council serves as the legislative and governing body of the city of Thornton. The Mayor and Council members serve staggered four year terms, starting on the first City Council meeting following their election. 

The city council is responsible for establishing city policies and goals. It has the authority to adopt laws, ordinances, and resolutions as needed to conduct the business of the city, and by ordinance, may enter into contracts or intergovernmental agreements to furnish, receive services, or to provide for cooperative service delivery. 

The city council appropriates from the city treasury the funds needed to conduct the business of the city. City staff annually submits a budget to the city council for their review and approval. The annual budget establishes spending levels within the various city funds. 

The city council appoints the City Manager, City Attorney, the Municipal Court Judge, and the various members of Thornton's Boards and Commissions. 

Ward Meetings

Citizen ward meetings are held at community facilities throughout Thornton in the spring and fall months. They include an agenda with current topics of city projects, programs and events. These meetings are hosted by city council representatives in each of the city’s four wards. The goal of the meetings is to enhance city council’s communication with citizens, to answer residents’ questions and address concerns regarding city operations. 

All meetings begin at 7 p.m. To find out when your next city council ward meeting is scheduled, please call the City Manager’s Office at 303-538-7200 or check out our community calendar on our website's home page. 

Ice cream socials are held during our Summer Concert Series events. This is another chance for residents to meet their council members and enjoy a great concert and free ice cream. There is one held in each Ward. For additional information visit the Twist & Shout Concerts page under Arts & Culture.