Councilmember Jessica Sandgren - Ward 2

  Voting Record





December 5, 2017 Council and MLA Meetings

DateVote Title  Vote CastMotion Pass/Fail
12/5/20174. Approval of the AgendaYESPASSED
12/5/20175. Presentations:  
 A. A resolution recognizing Jim Kaiser, Senior Civil Engineer, for receiving the 2017 Colorado American Public Works Association Manager of the Year Award in the category of Drainage and Flood Control.  YESPASSED
12/5/20179. Consent Calendar:  
 A. Monthly Financial Report for October 2017.  YESPASSED
 B. A resolution appointing Associate Judges for the City of Thornton Municipal Court through December 31, 2018.  YESPASSED
 C. A resolution commending Shari Nolan for her service on the Thornton Arts, Sciences and Humanities Council Board of Directors.  YESPASSED
 D. A resolution approving a perpetual easement to the Public Service Company of Colorado on Thornton’s Farm 61-15.  YESPASSED
 E. A resolution approving the Second Amendment to the Intergovernmental Agreement Establishing the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council and approving the Triennial Determination for the Continuation of the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council (February 2018-2021). YESPASSED
 F. A resolution approving an Intergovernmental Agreement between the City of Thornton, the Adams County Board of County Commissioners, and the Adams County Sheriff’s Office for the utilization of the Flatrock Regional Training Center at Adams County.  YESPASSED
12/5/201710. Public Hearings:  
 A. A resolution approving a Conceptual Site Plan for a proposed retail development (T-Mobile store) on approximately .5 acres of land generally located north of West 84th Avenue and west of Delaware Street (84th and Fox Subdivision).  YESPASSED
12/5/201711. Action Items:  
 A. A resolution supporting reauthorization by the General Assembly of the Colorado Lottery Division in order to provide for the continued administration and distribution of lottery funds to be used for parks, open space, wildlife, and outdoor recreation purposes.  YESPASSED
 B. A resolution authorizing the use of the administrative review process for the Topgolf Project in the Larkridge Subdivision pursuant to Section 18-58 of the Thornton City Code.  YESPASSED
12/5/201712. AdjournmentYESPASSED
 MLA - Approval of the AgendaYESPASSED
 MLA - Approval of the Minutes - October 24, 2017ABSTAINEDPASSED
 MLA - Consideration of a Modification of Premises submitted by Rocky Road Remedies, LLC dba Rocky Road Thornton (Quadrant 2). YESPASSED
 7. AdjournmentYESPASSED


November 28, 2017 Council Meeting

DateVote Title  Vote CastMotion Pass/Fail
11/28/20174. Approval of the AgendaN/APASSED
11/28/20179. Consent Calendar:  
 A. Approval of Minutes - October 17, 2017 Special and October 24, 2017 Regular City Council Meetings. N/APASSED
 B. An ordinance approving the annexation of approximately 15 acres of property situated in the northeast quarter of Section 22, Township 1 South, Range 68 West of the 6th Principal Meridian, County of Adams, State of Colorado, generally located west of Washington Street and north of East 140th Avenue and assigning the annexed property to Ward 4 (Thorncreek Church Annexation).  (Second Reading)  N/APASSED
 C. An ordinance approving the Zoning of approximately 15 acres of land to Regional Commercial and amending the Official Zoning Map to allow for the development of religious land uses and a private school for property generally located west of Washington Street and north of East 140th Avenue (Thorncreek Church Zoning).  (Second Reading)  N/APASSED
 D. An ordinance approving a Rezoning of 32.50 acres from Single-Family Attached and Neighborhood Service to Planned Development, amending the Zoning Map, and an Overall Development Plan/Conceptual Site Plan to develop the site as a Single-Family Detached and Single-Family Attached development for property located south of East 128th Avenue and east of Tamarac Street (Riverdale Ranch).  (Second Reading)  N/APASSED
 E. A resolution expressing the intent of the City of Thornton to be reimbursed expenses relating to financing construction of a new water treatment plant.  N/APASSED
 F. A resolution approving the First Amendment to the Intergovernmental Agreement between Adams 12 Five Star Schools and the City of Thornton for the Design and Construction of Improvements and Operation and Maintenance of the Consolidated Service Center to provide for the construction of a new Salt/Sand Building. N/APASSED
 G. A resolution approving a License Agreement between the City of Thornton and the Colorado Natural History Museum d/b/a Denver Museum of Nature and Science regarding an archaeological dig on City property.  N/APASSED
11/28/201711. Action Items:  
 A. An ordinance adopting the fifth amendment to the 2017 Budget amending section one of Ordinance 3413, making appropriations for the City of Thornton, Colorado for the fiscal year 2017 for all funds except that appropriations for certain individual projects shall not lapse at year end but continue until the project is completed or cancelled.  (Second Reading)  N/APASSED
 B. A resolution declaring support for first responders to traffic crashes and incidents within our communities, region, and state; and urging the public to drive safely, adhere to traffic laws, and respect the lives of responders who safeguard those at the scene of a crash.  N/APASSED
 12. Presentations and Remarks:  
 A. A resolution recognizing Councilmember Mack Goodman for his leadership and contributions as a Ward 1 Councilmember for the City of Thornton.  N/APASSED
 B. A resolution recognizing Councilmember Val Vigil for his leadership and contributions as a Ward 2 Councilmember for the City of Thornton.  N/APASSED
 Motion to Recess the MeetingN/APASSED
11/28/201719. AdjournmentYESPASSED