2017 Council Candidate - Ward 3

  SomXai Vue

    Occupation: IT Professional

    Previous Elected Offices: Thornton City Council, Ward 3

    Other Leadership Positions and Community Involvement: Served as President and Board Chair of the United States 
Defense Corps - This organization supports our first responders during natural disasters, Homeland Security events, and
     provides Final Military Honors
; Served as a member of Infragard - This organization is a partnership between the FBI and private sector
     to ensure greater protection of critical infrastructure. Served on several organizations as following:
 President of the Hmong American
     Association of Colorado;
Board of Director, National Association of Asian American Professionals of Colorado; Co-founded the Hmong
     Colorado Radio;
Chairman of the National Hmong Grave Desecration Committee, Colorado; CEO, Vue National Association, Inc. Established the organization and obtained its 501(c)3 status. Served as Project Manager for Colorado Dragon Boat Festival (CDBF) -
To ensure the overall programs and tasks meeting deadlines and budgets; Served on Thornton's City Council in 2015.

Why are you the most qualified person for this office?

I truly understand the importance of serving our community.  My life started in a war-torn country where I fled for my life and became a refugee as a teenager.  I came to America and with a lot of hard work became a legal citizen, and started a family. I have a successful 21-year career as an IT Professional. These personal and professional experiences, along with over 18 years of serving our communities, make me the right choice.

I am a different type of candidate.  I am not someone using political slogans I cannot back up through my experiences.  I care deeply about my community and have an 18-year record to prove that, including serving on City Council.  I will work to expand outdoor and recreational opportunities, create additional entertainment opportunities, promote businesses, and job growth.

My experiences has also allowed me to understand what makes a community great. I knows that strong neighborhoods make strong communities and is why I will work to expand outdoor and recreational opportunities. Public safety is a MUST and is why over the past 18 years I have volunteered for several organizations that do just this. I know that a strong local economy with job growth also makes strong communities and is why I have and will continue to promote job opportunities right here in Thornton. 

What is the most important issue facing Thornton and how would you propose addressing it?

The South Thornton needs a revival. We need a good central place to play and eat.  Look at the area in Northglenn, on South 120th & I-25 for example.  We need something like that.

What do you think the city does well and where do you see room for improvement?

The 2.4 million square foot Amazon, the recreation center at the Trail Winds and the Thornton Water Project are just a few examples of what Thornton does well.  

What is your favorite thing about living in Thornton?

Thornton has the lowest crime rates and ranked #1 on safest in America and easy commute.