2017 Council Candidate - Ward 1

  Sandra Wolfe

    Occupation: Retired

    Previous Elected Offices: None

    Other Leadership Positions and Community Involvement: Victim Services Advocate, for Thornton/Northglenn/Federal
     Heights, 2004 Graduate of Thornton Leadership Institute, Thornton Parks and Open Space Advisory Commissioner for 6 years,
     Thornton Assistance Fund Committee Member for 2013 & 2016, 2014 Graduate of Thornton Citizen's Police Academy, 2017 Graduate
     of Thornton Citizen's Fire Academy, Current Co-chair of Thornton Active Adult Center AKA Senior Citizen's Center, Member of the
     Thornton Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association, Past President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary of Park North HOA 
                                                                                      Townhouse Corporation.

Why are you the most qualified person for this office?

My several years of City involvement and volunteer service as well as previous employment experience while working in a municipality environment of City of Federal Heights. It is an great advantage to understand a clear vision and strong leadership skills that are necessary to continue to run a efficient and top quality City which serve and protect the citizens of Thornton. I am a problem solver, outspoken and honest with my thoughts and feelings. I care about the present and future of our great community. I am compassionate and understand the unique needs and diversity of our community.

What is the most important issue facing Thornton and how would you propose addressing it?

Our growing City need to provide and keep the necessary services updated for our rapidly growing population, such as police and fire services, infrastructure, parks and recreation facilities, affordable housing, ways to attract new business to improve our tax income base and maintain a balanced budget.

Council and staff quarterly overview of the work plan is necessary to ensure everything is on the right track or needs an may need an adjustment. We need be open to new ventures/or ideas.

What do you think the city does well and where do you see room for improvement?

I believe the City does an amazing job following their work plan and are proactive to identify any issues they are challenged or faced with. They listen to their citizen's concerns and ideas.

I would like to see more active citizens/staff problem solving groups work together especially in areas that have been victims of increased crime lately.

What is your favorite thing about living in Thornton?

My favorite thing about living is Thornton it is truly a family oriented community. Lots of activities for families. Families are able to play and learn without high cost. I have two daughters, several grand children and great grandchildren that are Thornton residents and feel its extremely important to continue to provide a safe and healthy place for them to grow and raise their families as I have been able to do for the past 26 years.