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Due to growth and technological advances, much has changed in the City of Thornton over the last 50 years. However, one thing hasn’t changed—the City’s commitment to planning for the future. In 2007, the City began a major effort to update the Thornton Comprehensive Plan which hasn’t been thoroughly reviewed and updated, except for several subareas, since 1997. As mentioned previously, the City adopted the Eastlake Subarea Plan 2003 and the North Washington Subarea, which covers 126th Avenue north to Highway 7 and from Interstate 25 east to the Big Dry Drainage area, in 2005.

With the passage of FasTracks, the future will bring alternative modes of transportation for Thornton commuters, including a commuter rail by 2015, improvements to I-25 and additional bus service. Another major improvement currently is the 144th Avenue & I-25 interchange, completed in 2007. DMU TrainNumerous other improvements are in the works to improve traffic flow to existing roadways including the addition of right turn lanes on major arterials and the widening of 120th Avenue from Holly to Quebec Street.

As part of the program to expand the recreational opportunities within Thornton, the City will continue its program to acquire future park and open space sites, build new bike tails, connect existing bike trails, and develop parks.

In the area of economic development, the City will continue its efforts to attract new businesses and jobs to Thornton.

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