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Snow Removal 
Snow plow on winter road 

The city divides storms into three classes and responds accordingly. Hover your cursor over each class to see the definition...

In the event of any snowstorm, the city's first commitment is to clear the primary routes, then secondary routes — and keep them cleared.

In the case of a Class III storm (and only in this case) the city will also bring on contract equipment to clear all 260+ miles of residential streets and lanes. 

      Storm Update Page - Inactive pending storm

Our Task

There are 451 lane miles of primary street routes (like Colorado Blvd) in the City of Thornton. There are 195 secondary route lane miles and an additional 612 miles of streets for a total of 1,258 lane miles. Depending on the severity of the storm, the actual miles plowed and sanded are significantly more than the above figure since multiple passes could be needed to keep our major roadways open.

More Info

For information about the Snow and Ice Control Program, please call 720-977-6464 or email Infrastructure.



Closeup of truck front with attached snowplow blade

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