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Thornton Taxes 

Consumer Sales Tax Rates

The total combined sales tax rate in Thornton is 8.5%, and is comprised of the following taxes...

City of Thornton   3.75%
State of Colorado   2.90%
RTD/CD   1.10%
Adams County   0.75%
Total   8.50%
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Forms for Merchants and Businesses

      Sales and Use Tax Return - Online and paper

      E911 Return

      Claim for Refund

      Affidavit of Exempt Sale


About the Sales Tax Division

The City’s Sales Tax Division is responsible for collection of the following taxes and fees: sales, use, lodging and telephone taxes, and E911 surcharges. We assist businesses and the public in understanding how Thornton’s taxes apply to their operations or purchases. The Sales Tax Division is also responsible for auditing businesses to ensure that they are in compliance with the City Code.

Property taxes are administered by the County. Please contact Adams County directly for questions regarding your property taxes.


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Thornton Connected: Sales and Use Taxes

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City of Thornton/Sales Tax Division
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Thornton, CO 80229
303-538-7400 Phone
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Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
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