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C.A.R.A. Swimming 

C.A.R.A Swim Team

Ages 6-18, 

This recreational swim team, sponsored by the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association, is an excellent opportunity to introduce children ages 6-18 to the fun and excitement of competitive swimming.

Our coaches work hard to instill strong fundamentals along with good sportsmanship concepts and a lot of fun. Due to the nature of the swim team enviroment, individual attention will be limited. All swimmers are required to swim freestyle (front crawl) 25 yards (the full length of the pool) without stopping. All swimmers 12 and under are required to tryout prior to swim team registration in order to participate on the team. The tryouts consist of swimming freestyle one length of the pool.

SUMMER C.A.R.A. TEAM (May - August)

FALL - Spring TEAM (September 2014 - April 2015)


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