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City of Thornton 2012 Comprehensive Plan 
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The Thornton Comprehensive Plan establishes goals, major strategies and key policies for Thornton’s neighborhoods, future jobs, and potential amenities for city residents. It also serves as an advisory document for development in the city. This Plan gives a broad overview of how the city will grow, and where future development or redevelopment will occur. This document is not regulatory in nature like the City Code or zoning map, but provides an overall vision of how development should take place in the city in decades to come.

The City currently uses the 2012 Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted by City Council at a public hearing on September 11, 2012.  Thornton City Council may periodically approve minor amendments to the Plan to bring private development proposals into compliance with the Plan's vision.

While the 2012 Comprehensive Plan provides the 'big picture' vision, the City also uses more detailed plans to supplement the broader goals, strategies and actions of the Comprehensive Plan. View the detailed plans that supplement the Comprehensive Plan.

Area and Maps

Future Land Use Map

Future Land Use Category Descriptions

2012 Plan and Goals

The 2012 Comprehensive Plan retains the 2007 Plan vision for the future and a strategic plan to implement this vision. The major goals of the Comprehensive Plan are:

  • Quality and Diverse Neighborhoods
  • Plentiful Quality Jobs
  • Healthy City with Great Amenities
  • Active and Engaged Partnerships

The 2012 Plan: Section by Section

Please note: The documents below are provided in .pdf format and will require the user to have a PDF Reader installed on their computer. If you do not have a PDF reader, you can download one for free by following this link... Get Adobe Reader

We have broken this document out into sections for easier downloading.

 Sub-Elements of the Comprehensive Plan

As part of long-range planning, the City of Thornton prepared a number of special studies and planning documents to supplement the Comprehensive Plan. These are the Master Plans and Area Plans.


Contact the Policy Planning Division at 303-538-7295, or email at



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