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Subdivision Plat 

A Subdivision Plat is a legal document that describes a tract/parcel of land by bearing and distances, locates and defines easements, and dedicates the necessary rights-of-way for streets and easements for utilities. A Subdivision Plat must conform to the City’s subdivision regulations and Title 38, Article 51 of Colorado Revised Statutes. A Subdivision Plat is recorded with the County Clerk and Recorder.

Although there are some exceptions, most lands within the City of Thornton are required to be subdivided. A Subdivision Plat, recorded with the Adams County Clerk and Recorder, is usually necessary prior to or concurrent with approval of a Development Permit. Similarly, building permits cannot typically be issued for any new building construction or for building additions until the Subdivision Plat is recorded. Related public improvements must be in place or promised to be in place with a Developer's Agreement prior to recordation of the subdivision.

If the lands have not been previously subdivided, application must be made for a Subdivision Plat. A Subdivision Plat is reviewed and approved adminstratively by City staff.

An approved Subdivision Plat is valid for three years, during which time a Developer’s Agreement must be drafted to ensure completion of public improvements. Once the Developer’s Agreement and Subdivision Plat are finalized they are recorded with the County Clerk and Recorder.

If the land proposed for development has been previously subdivided, the subdivision has been recorded, the dwelling unit density is not being increased, and no dedication or vacation of land is required, then application can be made for a Subdivision Plat Amendment. A Subdivision Plat Amendment is approved administratively, not requiring public hearings.

Subdivision Plat Checklist (Developer's Agreement Information included)

Subdivision Plat CAD Template (Will need AutoCAD 2000 or greater to open) 

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